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QD75D2 | Mitsubishi Two Axis Pulse Output Position Control Module
QD75D2 | Mitsubishi Two Axis Pulse Output Position Control Module

QD75D2 | Mitsubishi Two Axis Pulse Output Position Control Module

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Mitsubishi Electric

NII REF No : IAFD111611121121
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  • QD75D2

  • No. of control axes: 2 axes

  • Interpolation function: 2-axis linear interpolation,2-axis circular interpolation

  • Control system: PTP (Point To Point) control, path control (both linear and arc can be set), speed control, speedposition

  • switching control, position-speed switching control

  • Control unit: mm, inch, degree, pulse

  • Positioning data: 600 data (positioning data Nos. 1 to 600)/axis,(Can be set with peripheral device or sequence program.)

  • Backup:Parameters, positioning data, and block start data can be saved on flash ROM (battery-less backup)

  • PTP control: Incremental system/absolute system

  • Speed-position switching control: Incremental system/absolute system 2

  • Position-speed switching control: Incremental system

  • Path control: Incremental system/absolute system

  • Positioning range:-
    In absolute system
    • –214748364.8 to 214748364.7 (?m)
    • –21474.83648 to 21474.83647 (inch)
    • 0 to 359.99999 (degree)
    • –2147483648 to 2147483647 (pulse)
    In incremental system
    • –214748364.8 to 214748364.7 (?m)
    • –21474.83648 to 21474.83647 (inch)
    • –21474.83648 to 21474.83647 (degree)
    • –2147483648 to 2147483647 (pulse)
    In speed-position switching control (INC mode) / position-speed switching control
    • 0 to 214748364.7 (?m)
    • 0 to 21474.83647 (inch)
    • 0 to 21474.83647 (degree)
    • 0 to 2147483647 (pulse)
    In speed-position switching control (ABS mode)
    • 0 to 359.99999 (degree)

  • Speed command
    0.01 to 20000000.00 (mm/min)
    0.001 to 2000000.000 (inch/min)
    0.001 to 2000000.000 (degree/min)
    1 to 1000000 (pulse/s)

  • Acceleration/deceleration process: Automatic trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration, S-pattern acceleration/deceleration

  • Acceleration/ deceleration time: 1 to 8388608 (ms),Four patterns can be set for each of acceleration time and deceleration time

  • Sudden stop deceleration time: 1 to 8388608 (ms)

  • No. of occupied I/O points:32 points (I/O assignment: 32 points for intelligent function module)
    Flash ROM write count: Max. 100000 times
    Internal current consumption (5VDC): QD75P2 : 0.46A, QD75D2 : 0.56A

  • Applicable wire size: 0.3 mm2 (for A6CON1 or A6CON4), AWG #24 (for A6CON2)
    Applicable connector for external device: A6CON1, A6CON2, A6CON4 (sold separately)

  • Max. output pulse
    QD75P1, QD75P2, QD75P4 : 200kpps
    QD75D1, QD75D2, QD75D4 : 1Mpps

  • Max. connection distance betweenservos
    QD75P1, QD75P2, QD75P4 : 2m
    QD75D1, QD75D2, QD75D4 : 10m

  • Internal current consumption(5VDC):QD75P2 : 0.46A,QD75D2 : 0.56A

  • Shipping Weight: 1 Kg

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