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FR-E740-7.5K | Mitsubishi Electric | Simple and Powerful Compact Inverter FREQROL-E700 Series Three-phase 400 V
FR-E740-7.5K | Mitsubishi Electric | Simple and Powerful Compact Inverter FREQROL-E700 Series Three-phase 400 V

FR-E740-7.5K | Mitsubishi Electric | Simple and Powerful Compact Inverter FREQROL-E700 Series Three-phase 400 V

Estimated Lead Time : Usually ships in 1 - 10 working days.
Mitsubishi Electric
  • Estimated Lead Time : Usually ships in 1 - 10 working days.

  • Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Electric

  • Product series : FREQROL-E700

  • type : Simple and Powerful Compact Inverter FREQROL-E700 Series Three-phase 400 V

  • Product name : FR-E740-7.5K

  • Applicable motor capacity (kW) : 7.5 kW

  • output Rated capacity (kVA) : 13

  • Rated current (A) : 17

  • Overload current rating : 150% 60s, 200% 3s (retarding time characteristics)

  • Voltage : Three-phase 380 to 480 V

  • Regenerative braking torque Maximum value / Permissible usage rate : -

  • Power supply Voltage class : Three-phase 400 V class

  • Rated input AC voltage / frequency : Three-phase 380 to 480 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz

  • AC voltage tolerance fluctuation : 325 to 528 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz

  • Frequency tolerance fluctuation : ± 5%

  • Power supply capacity (kVA) : 17

  • Protective structure (JEM 1030) : Closed type (IP20), the fully closed series is IP40.

  • cooling method : Forced wind cold

  • Rough mass (kg) : 3.2

  • Control specification control method : Soft-PWM control / high carrier frequency PWM control (V / F control, advanced magnetic flux vector control, general-purpose magnetic flux vector control, optimal excitation control can be selected)

  • Output frequency range : 0.2 to 400 Hz

  • Frequency setting resolution Analog input : 0.06 Hz / 60 Hz (terminal 2, 4: 0 to 10 V / 10 bit), 0.12 Hz / 60 Hz (terminal 2, 4: 0 to 5 V / 9 bit), 0.06 Hz / 60 Hz (terminal 4: 4 to 20 mA / 10 bit)

  • Digital input : 0.01 Hz

  • Frequency accuracy Analog input : Within ± 0.5% of maximum output frequency (25 ° C ± 10 ° C)

  • Digital input : Within 0.01% of the set output frequency

  • Voltage / frequency characteristics : Base frequency 0 to 400 Hz can be set arbitrarily, constant torque, reduced torque pattern selectable

  • Starting torque : 200% or more (at 0.5 Hz) ... When advanced flux vector control is set (3.7 K or less)

  • Torque boost : Manual torque boost

  • Acceleration / deceleration time setting : 0.01 to 360s, 0.1 to 3600s (acceleration / deceleration can be set individually), linear or S-curve acceleration / deceleration mode selectable

  • DC braking : Operating frequency (0 to 120 Hz), operating time (0 to 10 s), operating voltage (0 to 30%) variable

  • Stall prevention operation level : Operating current level can be set (0 to 200% variable), can be selected

  • Torque limit level : 0 to 200%

  • Operation specification Driving function : Upper / lower limit frequency setting, frequency jump operation, external thermal input selection, instantaneous power failure restart operation, forward / reverse rotation prevention, remote setting, brake sequence, second function, multistage speed operation, stop control, droop control, regeneration avoidance, Slip compensation, operation mode selection, off-line auto tuning function, PID control, computer link operation (RS-485)

  • Frequency setting signal Analog input terminal number : 2 points

  • Analog input terminal specification : Terminal 2: 0 to 10 V, 0 to 5 V selectable Terminal 4: 0 to 10 V, 0 to 5 V, 4 to 20 mA selectable

  • Digital input : Input by operation panel, parameter unit

  • Start signal : Forward / reverse individual, start signal self-holding input (3 wire input) selectable

  • input signal Number of terminals (contact input) : 7 points

  • Pulse train input : None

  • Input terminal selectable signal : Multistage speed selection, remote setting, contact selection, second function selection, terminal 4 input selection, JOG operation selection, PID control valid terminal, brake release complete signal, external thermal input, PU-external operation switching, V / F switching, Selection from output stop, start self-hold selection, forward rotation, reverse rotation command, inverter reset, PU-NET operation switching, external-NET operation switching, command authority switching, inverter operation permission signal, PU operation external interlock

  • Output signal Number of output terminals (open collector output) : 2 points

  • Output terminal (relay output) points : 1point

  • Output terminal selectable signal : During inverter operation, frequency arrival, overload alarm, output frequency detection, regenerative brake pre-alarm, electronic thermal pre-alarm, inverter operation preparation completed, output current detection, zero current detection, PID lower limit limit, PID upper limit limit, PID forward rotation reverse Output, brake release request, fan failure, FIN overheat pre-alarm, power failure decelerating, PID control in operation, retrying, life alarm, average current value monitor, remote output, light failure output, abnormal output, abnormal output 3, maintenance timer Select from alarm

  • Output terminal selectable signal (when option is installed) : Output the same signal as the main unit

  • Number of output terminals for indicator : 1 point

  • Display terminal output terminal specifications : FM: up to 2.4kHz

  • Pulse train output : None

  • Display terminal output terminal selectable signal : Output frequency, motor current (steady), output voltage, frequency setting value, motor torque, converter output voltage, regenerative brake usage rate, electronic thermal load factor, output current peak value, converter output voltage peak value, reference voltage output, motor load Select from rate, PID target value, PID measured value, output power. Pulse train output

  • display control panel Driving condition : Output frequency, motor current (steady), output voltage, frequency setting value, integrated energizing time, actual operation time, motor torque, converter output voltage, regenerative brake duty factor, electronic thermal load factor, output current peak value, converter output voltage peak Motor load factor, PID target value, PID measured value, PID deviation, inverter input / output terminal monitor, input / output terminal option monitor, output power, integrated power, motor thermal load factor, inverter thermal load factor selectable

  • Abnormal content : Display the contents of abnormality when the protection function is activated, and store 8 times of abnormality contents (output voltage, current, frequency, integrated energizing time just before the protection function is activated)

  • Protection and alarm function : Over current during acceleration, Over current during constant speed, Over current during deceleration, Over voltage during acceleration, Over voltage during constant speed, Over voltage during deceleration, Inverter protection thermal operation, Motor protection thermal operation, Fin overheat, Input phase failure, Start-up Output side ground fault overcurrent, output short circuit, output phase failure, external thermal operation, option error, parameter error, PU error, retry count over, CPU error, brake transistor error, rush resistance overheat, communication error, analog input error , USB communication error, brake sequence error 4 to 7 Fan failure, over current stall prevention, over voltage stall prevention, PU stop, parameter write error, regenerative brake pre alarm, electronic thermal pre alarm, maintenance output, under voltage

  • environment Ambient temperature : -10 ° C to + 50 ° C (without freezing) (-10 ° C to + 40 ° C in the case of fully closed structural specification)

  • Ambient humidity : 90% RH or less (without condensation)

  • storage temperature : -20 ° C to + 65 ° C

  • atmosphere : Indoor (corrosion gas, flammable gas, oil mist, no dust)

  • Elevation and vibration : Less than 1000m above sea level 5.9m / s 2 or less

  • communication : RS-485, CC-Link, LONWorks, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DPV0, Modbus RTU

  • Actual Dimension Standard Packing Box HXWXD (cm) : 25x31x36

  • Shipping Weight : 5.6 Kg

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